clean out the oil system

I snapped a cltch plate in my yz400 and I was wondering how i can clean out all the pieces of metal in my oil system.

Short of splitting the cases, I would take the right cover off and remove and clean both oil pumps. By then you could remove the oil delivery pipe that feeds the tranny (goes into the cases behind the clutch). Blow it out with air along with the exposed, chrome delivery pipe that feeds the cams, and the two external oil lines.

Then I guess you could backwash everything with diesel, starting with the pickup screen by pouring it in where you removed the inner pump, and of course the reservoir in the frame and its screen.

I would also remove the flywheel and look for pieces stuck inside the rotor.

The only way to be sure is to split the cases, but if I did the above and maybe spun through all the gears manually while backwashing the tranny I guess I’d feel confident that I got all the dangerously large pieces.

Ty Davis also sells a very powerful drain bolt magnet.

Hope this helps.

Also if you have saved the pieces that you recovered then you may want to try to piece the plate back together. This may give you an idea for how much is left in the cases somewhere.

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