AMA members....PLEASE READ

We have an opportunity to place one of our own on the board of the AMA. Currently there are only "businessmen" and street oriented people making the decisions that effect the future of off road riding, racing (including mx and Supercross) and our riding areas. The members currently on the board have made "poor" decisions in the past concerning off road issues and have cost the AMA members (that means YOU) a lot of money. Remember when the dues went up to 39.00 a year....the result of a law suet where the AMA lost 3 million dollars of your money.

We have a very good chance to elect an avid off road "activist" (for lack of a better term) to have a voice in the decisions that effect our sport and recreation.

John Ayers is trying to get elected and he needs our help.

John Ayers is currently running the Grand National Cross-Country series ( with the Coombs family. He has been very active with regards to off road issues. He has very good ideas and a very good head on his shoulders. He also has the ability to convey those ideas in a manner, which anyone can understand.

It is time "WE" had a voice in the AMA. It's time to make the decisions for ourselves.....

Please vote for JOHN AYERS. Place his name on the ballot and your AMA number and drop it in the mail (if you do not have a ballot in your issue, your not in the voting region (northern only). 5 minutes of your time will mean so much to the future of off road riding.

Thanks for the help,

Jeff Shearin

Those "businessmen" (pompous asses?) are the very reason I quit the AMA... But my sons are both members (ONLY because they HAVE to be for the races they compete in), but there are 2 votes for you!

I personally wish the AMA would go bankrupt and then an "off-road" oriented organization could truly represent US !! Our club/track will be voting soon on whether to stay AMA or not... Guess how I am voting... :)

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