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New KLX 140L Owner

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Greetings All,

My wife decided that she wanted another bike after selling the CRF 150R... It was a little much on the power for her. I did my research and decided on the KLX 140L, which was what she wanted this time around. She had a TTR 125L and that wasn't quite enough in handling and power.

This forum had so many helpful people that it mapped out my approach to the set up. I really wanted to thank all those owners that shared their mods and builds in detail.

I found a used 2009 KLX 140L up in the Seattle area for a sweet deal of $1500.00. We drove up and bought it. It was in good shape, just need some deep cleaning, jetting and the airbox mod.


Stock KLX 140L- $1500.00

It was ridden in the sand one weekend. I had to tear it all down and clean all the sound out. The air filter was clogged up with sand. Luckily none penetrated through it. I bought a new Uni filter, vented the airbox and re-jetted the carb. It runs like a champ now.


2001 Kawasaki KX 85 donor bike- $275.00

I scored on this deal. I had found a 2001 KX 85 on craigslist with a blown motor. They originally wanted $325.00 for it. My wife talked him down to $275.00. We picked up and I stripped it down. All the parts I needed added up to about $600.00 off eBay to convert the suspension over. This was a huge savings! The motor parts were in a rubber tub with water in it. All the components I used were in great shape, no leaky seals.


Ready to do business!


All the KX parts stripped down and cleaned up to go.


I bought a dremel tool and it didn't work that great. Then I purchased an angle grinder and some various discs. That angle grinder was th ebest tool for the job. The dremel was a waste of money.

It took some time to grind down to fit the rear shock and clearance it. I used washers over cutting a spacer. That seemed to work good. I flipped the linkage and ground it down. I had a spray can of hammerite to paint the linkage with.


Job complete!

It took a while waiting on some parts, mainly the jets. I eliminated the power switch behind the number plate. The choke was relocated below as per a previous thread. That worked out really slick.


I used the KX number plate and the stock KLX fender for now. I installed some Pro-Taper SE bars, grips and some handguards. It starts and runs perfect after the re-jetting. After I sell some KX parts on eBay, I'll buy the Two Bros exhaust.

For now I am very please with the results and so is my wife. It added the much needed seat height and handling. :thumbsup:

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