Gurgle at steady throttle?

Hey All,

I have been noticing that when I'm cruising (yeah...every once in a while) at a steady pace, holding the throttle still, it doesn't seem to hold a steady sound/rpm. It sorta gurgles. When I'm on the gas there is NO problem. It's very responsive and there is no hesitation. It was worse at 4k feet so I guess it's a carb adjustment but I'm no jetting specialist. I'm running totally stock and near sea level most of the time but do hit the hills now and again.

Can I just turn a screw? You know, the braindead fix...please help the carb-challenged!



dont worry they all do this.check down the list for az426 "surge normal" topic.i asked the same thing and got a few responces.unless you do lots of steady cruising i wouldnt worry.

Acctual surging where the throtle is held steady and the bike seems to accelerate and then slow etc. = a lean condition.

Sputtering, gurgling, choking sounding = rich condition (same sort of sound you get with a rich 2 stroke).

I had the surging when cruising on the road. Went too far in the jetting changes and then had the sputtering/gurgling. Now I have found a happy medium.

Another way to tell how lean or rich you are running is to check the color of the soot inside the end of your exaust tip. The darker the color the richer you are. Probably a greyish-white is good. Mine is a little dark but no more surging.

Just my experience and what has worked. Feel free to call me crazy, Jon


99 YZ400F, 86 XR250

76 RD400, 71 Z50


That sounds right about the rich condition because at altitude it got worse...

I will try to lean out a 1/4 turn and see what happens...I would hate to mess up the power it gives me now though so I don't want much of a change.

I rode an xr400 and my yz has MUCH more power...wheel lifting machine!

thanks for the replies guys...


EbayT, no doubt about power over an XR400. Going in on the fuel screw 1/4 turn or even more will help and if this is not enough try Dropping the needle by moving the clip one position away from the pointy end of the needle. If its blubbery around 1/4 to 1/2 throtle the needle is deffinitly involved.



99 YZ400F, 86 XR250

76 RD400, 71 Z50

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