rear wheel compatibility - '99 yz250 - '08 450F

Title is somewhat self explanatory, but does anybody have any idea if a rear wheel from a '99 YZ 250 2 stroke will bolt in a '08 450F ?

I am taking my 250 to the local sand dunes (somewhat local) and am bringing my 450 for backup in case something breaks ----- If the rear wheel was compatible, i would not have to mess around with breaking down the tire on the 450F is what i was thinking

450 i hope will stay on the trailer because i don't want to subject it to the abuse of the sand dunes --- but i was just curious


It should fit if the '08 spacers are used. The brake rotor is smaller, but should still be functional.

Thanks Gray --- in the immortal words of Rondo Talbot ("Mr Know It All") -- I really should have known :thumbsup:

Anybody can learn this stuff same as I did.

And interestingly, it is said that the last person who could possibly have known everything there was to know would have had to have lived before 625 AD. :thumbsup:

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