_MG_9281.JPG_MG_9409.JPG_MG_9483.JPG Whitehorse on the right _MG_9490.JPGIMGP1130-L.jpgDSC0100-XL.jpg_MG_9423.JPG_MG_9295.JPG

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Rat Trap pass

Awesome pic!

Benny (10 Months) already eyeing off the WR! Few years to wait yet!

I'll try and actually get some shots from the trail tomorrow if I get the chance!


Nice Td.. I have a 2 week old daughter.. can't wait to get her a little 50.

went for a quick ride today



old hunting cabin on an abandoned logging road.. still liquor on the shelves




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Here's mine, owned it for 1 month now, 2005 and has 900 miles on it. I bought it with an off road title, fortunately in Ut its not hard to get a plate. I used a tusk switch, wiring harness, horn, mirror, brake switch, & flasher. I used stock headlight and tailight...wired for hi beam and brake. I bought some 1" round waterproof LED lights and mounted the rear ones on my fender and the front ones on the headlight shroud. They are dang bright suckers for how small they are, and they sit nearly flush(only stick up 1/4inch) so i'm not worried about breaking them off or rattling loose. I have some golden boy DOT tires, but put my dunlop knobbies back on after safety inspect. I welded up the license plate mount and mounted it with the rear taillight bolt. I got 2 tiny waterproof LED's and wired them up to my tail light and onto my plate bracket for a plate light. Last is a cheap bicycle speedometer I added, it was only $17, and so far I really love it. It's super accurate compared to my GPS, and records trip data, max and avg speed, time, trip time. I was able to glue the sensor magnet into a hole on my brake caliper, and just zip ties the sensor to my fork gaurd.

Lots i'd like to do still. I'd really like a desert tank, and some hand gaurds. I'd like to figure out a brighter headlight without draining power. I'm also thinking about adding a blinker indicator, maybe i'll get better but right now I leave my blinker on all the time haha.


Above is the bike before I street legaled it.


Blinkers, left one blinking.


Front Blinkers


And blinkers in action.

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nice, where did you get those bilnkers?

nice, where did you get those bilnkers?

etrailer.com. They are about $5 each, i think it was $23 shipped for all 4 took about a week to get them. I just center marked where I wanted them all and drilled a 3/4" hole in the plastic, they pop in and hold themselves TIGHT with no hardware.

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heres mine(hopefuly i got the pic right):



Just a few quick ones of mine on the phone after i'd been out for a test on it today.

Its a 1999 WR400 so a far few years old but still looks o.k



I love it tho. Powder coated wheels and swingarm, ive got a few things to do to it but shouldn't take too much to get right.

Oh man nice! I wanna do this too my bike aswell. Powder coat looks wicked!



Wops! My 12 WR. Fully stock. Other pic is me and my friend on the old train tracks.


my '03 (road legal, yzf stickers, '05 e-starter etc.)


My new to me 2000 WR400 on the top of Imogene Pass.


My new to me 2000 WR400 on the top of Imogene Pass.

Nice pic, welcome to TT my fellow Coloradoan

Nothing like some early morning secret squirrel trails



Three Fingers 6854ft, climbed it last fall


tried to get to this waterfall, ran out of time


trail to waterfall.. nasty trail


well, sort of a trail


end of line for trail.. bushwack from here.. was getting to late though, so I turned around. Waterfall is a long bushwack from here. Someday..


abandoned logging roads


very nice!


Look what I found in the " who's got the best looking girl on a bike " thread in the pics forum.

Has to be the same bike.


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hahaha ! :devil:

I'm a slow guy and started racing hare scrambles and enduros this year. Started with a 2011 Yz450 and after modding the crap out of it and nearly killing myself, went what some would say was backwards to a 2011 Wr450 and couldn't be happier! Much better for the tight stuff for a slow guy like me!


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