Nice bike! How do you like the Lexx? Also, what kind of Exhaust Header is that? :D

Thanks, the Lexx is great for the money and the header is a FMF power bomb.

My 09 WR 450 F

WR 001.JPG

Only pic I have on this device:


'03 WR450F SM, Akrapovic Ti Evo System, YZ Exhaust Cam, Twin Air Filter, RENTHAL Fat Bars, Talon Hubs/Excel Rims, Trailtech Vapour, Goldspeed Road Legal Slicks, UFO LED Rear Fender, UFO Supermoto Front Fender, UFO Peg Sliders, Braking 320mm front disc, Talon calliper bracket, RENTHAL R3 O-Ring chain



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I see a big crawler meat... whatcha got??? truggy??

I see a big crawler meat... whatcha got??? truggy??

Looks like a Wrangler, the tire is on the tailgate thing that is open.

After the race:


After the cleaning:


Bike was a champ in the race. Heavy compared to my 250F, but rode great.


I see a big crawler meat... whatcha got??? truggy??

Looks like a Wrangler, the tire is on the tailgate thing that is open.

its an '13 Rubicon (2dr) .



During my race this last weekend.



IMG_2503.JPG Here's my baby in Moab. Edited by jerejim

Pretty much stock except for the pipe which was on it when I got it.

Small tank.JPG

My 2008 450. It has:

  • FMF Powercore pipe and powerbomb header
  • Racetech springs and revalve front and rear. I might put the stock springs on the soften it up for my weight.
  • K&N air filter
  • Graphics from
  • Cut seat for my short legs
  • Sunline brake pedal
  • Free mods list - gray wire, airbox snorkel removal
  • Dualsport electrical mods
    • DRC lights wire kit
    • LED signals
    • Stock WRF250F kill and starter switch
    • Stock WRF250F front master for the manual brake switch. Not too excited about this since I cant run my shorty lever on it. But the switch is nice and tucked away vs the pressure switch.
    • Keyed ignition


WR450F 2013







That thing is :jawdrop: . I think I'm in love. :wub::worthy::banana::cheers:

That bike looks great! I like the look of the previous gen headlight on the new bike.

My "collection" :ride:


My "collection" :ride:


Why so many?

Here's my 2008 WR450f.

FMF 4.1 Titanium exhaust and Titanium megabomb header and heat guard

TwinAir air filter

DynaJet Stage 2 jet kit

Rekluse EXP 2.0 AutoClutch

Free mods: Gray wire, YZ throttle stop, Airbox opened up, AIS removed

Inline fuel filter (just in case)

Dualsport electrical mods

2012 WR450f Headlight w/Hid Kit

LED Front signals

Tail Light with Integrated signals

TrailTech Vapor

SeatConcepts seat for a comfy ride

Scorpion Racing HD Skid Plate

Cooling fan with thermostat

Pro Taper Pastrana FMX Fat bars with 30mm risers

Highway Dirtbike HandGuards w/mirrors

Pro Moto Billet rear rack

Foot pegs moded down and back (for longer legs)

Passanger foot pegs

2010 YZ Front Fender


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Why so many?

one for each day of the week? :thumbsup:

Put this up on a different page but ill show it on here too ! :D


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