Where'd you find that front fender? Bike looks awesome!

I've got some plans for the engine update, but I'm out of money for now. And I'm still looking for a '07 or newer headlight.


My god man... that is beautiful. Thats what my bike dreams of being someday.

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Hey appreciate the Kudos guys, got the front guard from Grimcycles on eBay from the States.

New kid (well middle aged man) on the block from Sydney Australia. Here is a picture of my stock as a rock WR out at McMahons Lookout in the Blue Mountains. Plan to add some luggage (if I can ever find anything suitable to fit) and extra fuel. Most important mod is to try and replace the seat with a few house bricks.... that should make it a tad more comfortable.



Here is a couple pics of my new to me' 98 WR 400 . Paid 750 cash for it. Got it a couple of weeks ago. Bought new plastics for radiator. And going to try to get some new parts next week including rear fender and grafix. It's a blast to ride.

my bike 001.JPG

my bike 003.JPG

my bike 004.JPG

my bike 005.JPG

my bike 006.JPG

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Paid 1400 for this one. It's a 2006 wr250f. Had it for two weeks and have fallen in love. Suspension is great. I pulled the judder spring and put a new clutch. Now it doesn't drag and neutral is possible to find while the bike is running. A new rear tire is on the way. The front forks are looking like they may be leaking but I still think I got a killer deal. You did the same. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1397437533.075860.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1397437551.858481.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1397437575.111908.jpg

This is my 09 wr450 .its standard except for 09yz450 full exhaust and header ,suspension and sticker kit.i am an aussie ,so an upside Down pick is appropriate




This is my 09 wr450 .its standard except for 09yz450 full exhaust and header ,suspension and sticker kit.i am an aussie ,so an upside Down pick is appropriate


Right before I took her out and knocked myself out :crazy:



muddy '06




clean '06


My whip,  new rubber for the spring.  stoked.




here is a couple of pics of my semi dirty plated 2004 wr 450 with a 480 big boar kit.








Must say that all your bikes look YUMs!

Bought myself a 98 Wr400f rebuilt the cooling system and filled it with Evans coolant. Took it out for a few rides and I must say I LoVe this machine! However, my last ride ended with a 1mile push. With a dead stator. Taking it apart now. I guess its a process of learning about it.too old for the graphics will get it changed when the more important things are done:)

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New graphics on the old '06 trying to spruce it up. Combination of FX and FLU Designs.



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Here's my 2012 WR

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1404762009.635892.jpg

Here is my 2005. 100% stock minus the handguards. Even the tires are stock. Owned it about 6 months now. Has just over 600 original miles. Getting revamped this winter with new plastics, graphics, tires, chain, jet kit, and some skid protection.




And finally an action shot!


I see a lot of yammis with tank graphics where the white has turned yellow. Is this from the gas?

Yes, the gas turns the graphics yellow.

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