Hi Guys,  I just bought my first WR450, spent a few weeks getting it road legal and now finally been out on it.  Hoping to get plenty of tips on here lol

I made my own adapter to keep the chain from rubbing on the tyre, work in progress but it's functional.  It doesnt seem to have an hour counter or an odometer, bit confusing, I will ask in the appropriate section anyway.






You can easily move the rim/tyre over by loosening the left side spokes 1/4 to 1/2 turn each 360 degrees all the way around. Then tighten the right side spokes the same 1/4 or 1/2 turn all the way around and it will pull the rim/tyre away from the chain. You can repeat it again if that is not enough. I would not go much more than 1 full turn. I did this on my DRZ and it tracked true even being off set. Give it a trial ride after.



My son and I on a nice ride last weekend on my new hold over 2012 WR450F and his 2004 CR125r. I was in hiatus for a few years after selling my 2002 Honda XR650R and have regretted that sale ever since. I swear I aged 10 years in the last three. LOL! New life lesson. Never, never sell your dirt bike! I do love my WR however.

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Here is my 2010 wr450, about to emabark on the Amageza rally in Africa next week on it

It has a Jvo rally kit on it including

34l fuel capacity in 2 front and one rear subframe replacemet tanks.

Oversized radiator with hp cap

2 x radiator fans

After market shocks and suspension

Tenere front disc brake system

Bigger battery, now in rear subframe

Racing airfilter and air box, between The front tanks

Front fairing with welded mount on steering column for nav tower

Cush rear hub

15/45 gearing which is long but get me up to 155kmh

Aftermark chainslider, and sprocket protection

After market rerouted pipe and header

Quad bike vacuum fuel pump

Nav tower with Ico cap repeater, ico odo and MD road-book

Squadron Led headlight which kicks serious ass

Re wired the whole bike with all fuses centralised on the tower except for main igntion fuse

Rewired stator the pushes 13.8 v

Renasco racing seat

Excel rims

Integrated carbon fiber bash plate with tools, spare clutch and 2l water container.

The usual petcock fuel system play s quick releases on all fuel tanks.

This rAlly bike is a bit hard to work on (crap access to carb. Etc) but its very bullet proof and quite fast. Cost me about $18k to do up. A KTM 450 rr is way better engineered but comes in at nearly $40k with a suspension kit from the factory. It also was not availible in 2010

Hmm cant seem to embed these two pics on my phone, can someone help plse?



Good man.

although not my bike..

its pretty close to my dreambike..

late 2015 WR...





last picture is as how it is for sale,

hardly 50 kms done..


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did you buy a license plate bracket, make one, or just bolt it straight on?

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