Best fitting after market plastics?

Opinions for easiest fit for my 2011 to replace plastics ? I have stock rads w moose rad braces on......... Thanks

think there was just a thread on this. Cycra was the general consensus. I just bought acerbis full kit...still putting the graphics on so wont know how they fit until saturday.

I can tell you some of the graphics didn't line up as well as I wanted but no idea if its the trim of the graphics or the plastics. And the fenders are nice, the other parts seem a little flimsy

I have always used Cycra and love it. Great quality fit and long lasting plastics

I have always used Cycra and love it. Great quality fit and long lasting plastics

I've had good luck with Cycra as well.

Ok my acerbis full kit fit fine no tweaking, bending, or prying involved. Had to file out a couple of the holes to fit metal inserts but thats ok I want them to be tight. The fenders are nice and sturdy and mimic oem well. The rest is flimsy and you can see lines where everything was molded to the back. For example there is are visible squares on lower shrouds where the pieces are molded on that touch the radiators. When covered with graphics not a big deal. There is an external rivet visible on LH rear number plate that really looks like crap with graphics over it but can be trimmed around but I didn't it regardless.

Ill be trying cycra next time!

Acerbis for the most part are overpriced and never seem to fit like oem. UFO and Cycra ae my top pics for fit and finish.

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