02 WR426 to YZ426 tank and seat

I've researched all the past posts for WR to YZ conversions. So I don't want more tank capacity, cams or timing, I just want a tank seat combo that will be simular in ergonomics to the YZ426. However, I don't want to buy the expensive Yamaha stock parts. My questions are..please...

Will the stock 02 YZ tank and seat fit my 02 WR426? (if I have to buy stock)

Is there an aftermarket tank simular to the YZ I can buy?

Thanks for your help.

Any seat/tank combo made for the YZ426 will fit on the WR426, but you have to get both. IMS and Clarke are pretty popular, and make tanks in a number of different sizes from 2.0 gals up.

The improved ergos of this mod are worth the $$. However, if you get a large tank you will never see the choke again (gotta feel with your hand for it) and a handlebar mounted hot start lever is a must. If you're really going for YZ though (2.0 gals I believe) then neither of these will be a problem.

Yes, they will fit. Check for sale here on TT or Ebay.

Fit is not a problem. A new tank should run you about $170 and the seat will go for about $90. Of course you can look around and get cheaper but thats about what you are looking at. You will notice a huge difference after the conversion, turning is much better.

Just on E-bay last night,seats & tanks for sale all over. :)

Thanks guys, YZ seat and tank installed. Handles much nicer.

Tommy :)

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