jumping 426

i have just changed to a 426 from yz250.i did my 1st table top on it and nearly ate it over the bars . a quick hand full of throttle stopped me . would this be due to increased engine compression / braking acting like hitting the rear brake ? do you have to use more throttle in the air than 2 strokes?

Yes! you need to hold the throttle on until you are off the face of the jump. I am new to MX and experienced the same thing. If you "gently roll" the throttle on until you are off the face it should launch you just right:d


I always hit jumps on the gas, not wide open but at least enough so that if you were on flat ground you would be slightly accelerating. Since all jumps are different, they require varying amounts of throttle. The only time I hit the ramp off the gas is if it's a small tabletop, like maybe 10 feet wide that I want to land nose down. Don't worry you'll get used to it and love it.


Heck yeah!! My old KX250, I could nearly coast over a jump and still clear it...my KTM 520, on the gas the whole time. The compresion braking is so strong, if you back off for a second, you're losing what seems like 10 times as much as a two stroke! In fact, I spend many hours on fine tuning, and practicing - on a single jump, the technique of clutching and tapping the rear brake. I need to....quite often on this 4 stroke, I'll start the front end to loop around because of having to leave the gas on so long.

Another bit of advice: Make sure you give the face of the jump enough gas to clear the jump, with the correct body position to arch the bike over the jump, unless this is a step up -jump(no need to arch).(I either will move up on the bike, weight over the bars,or keep my weight on the rear to rebound off the lip of the jump DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF JUMP) then as I take off, I slowly move back to the neutral position. After your take off, blip the throttle, with the clutch pulled in(engaged), a couple to a few times in mid air to keep the revs up, then right before the landing, disengage the clutch, w bike in gear, as you moderately excellerate to absorb landing & set up for next part of the track. I even downshift in mid air if appropriate, to get the right power/rev range. ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT HIT THE REAR BRAKES, unless clutch is engaged, in mid air. This will stall the bike in mid air. If the front end is high, shift your weight over the handle bars, your head should be, 1-2 feet above the front fender, you can even push down on the bars. This usually always gets the front end to go down. This will take some practice, and not all jumps are the same. You will learn what works & what does not work over time, practice, practice , practice ---- this is the key to your brain learning subconciously how to do this technique - after a while, jumping will come natural.

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