Ooops I did a booboo

Anyone know what apps a 04 YZ450F FCR carb fits on?

I bought the wrong carb for my bike,(drz400) and want to send it to a new home. :thumbsup:

According to the microfiche, manuals and sudco catalog, it looks very similar to many years but I wanted some expert opinions.

I'll write a post on the fitment issues later in the drz forum. Have good pics of it.


That carb will directly replace an '03-'04 YZ450F, and can be used to upgrade the carbs on any YZ400/426 (requires the complete cable hot start assembly and the correct throttle cables). It can be used on later YZ450's, but it lacks some internal features that he '05 and later carbs have, such as an accelerator pump leak jet, so it can't be recommended in those applications. It may fit other models originally using an FCR/FCR-MX.

Where did you buy it? brand new or used?

Brand new from the dealership those bad boys are $500-1000...

I looked up the price of my yz426f carb direct from yamaha and dealer cost was like $700, retail was closer to $1000. Just insane.

I think the FCR for DRZ-E was $996 retail.

I did some research but got conflicting info on fitment for my drz. So, once the price dropped down under ebay averages i bought the 450 carb. It was caked with dirt and the choke button was chipped on one side, but the needle and slide are neary new in condition. I have seen them sell for lowest 220 and highest 600, that IS rediculous. SO I purchased this one for 200, am going to sell it for 250, cover my shipping and make a couple bucks for cleaning and servicing the carb.

I found another one for a 426 on ebay for 150 buy now including shipping the other day! :busted: So, I got it instead.

Thanks so much for your replies and application fitment. I think I'll break even all said and done. I'm ok with that for the education and experience.

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