** Utah ride, Hobble Creek Saturday 27th 10:00a **

** Utah ride, Hobble Creek Saturday 27th 10:00am **

We'll be starting 10:00am on Saturday the 27th at Kirkman Hollow (my favorite trail), riding to Pumphouse Hill, down Sawmill, up Chase Creek, down center trail and then the 5th water trail. Depending on gas... maybe the 2nd water loop. About 65 miles total. Mostly singletrack, some connecting dirt roads.

Here are the directions to meet us at Kirkman Hollow:

Take the UT-77 exit, exit number 263 off I-15 towards MAPLETON/SPRINGVILLE. Go left off the interstate exit. Follow this road all the way to an unusual 3 way intersection. Turn right. You should be on Hobble Creek Drive. When you get to the mouth of the canyon, be sure to take the south fork (turn right). Here's the link to the map...


We will be about 8-10 miles up the canyon on the right side of the road. I'm driving a white dodge with a KTM in the back.

Depending on weather, this may be on of our last rides up Hobblecreek this year. Everyone is welcome. We've had as many as a dozen riders. Post a message if you'd like to join us.

Have Fun!!! Again i will have to miss out :)

But, the buffalo hunt should be spectacular :D

Damn. I gotta move next weekend. :)

Last call... so far Steve, John, and I are the only confirmed riders. Scenery, singletrack, dirt, rocks, you get the picture. Leave a post and come join us. You won't regret it :). See ya there.


I may make the ride but not sure yet. Would like to check out these trails though before the snow flys.

David - good to hear from you. I've been exploring this area for a couple months now (5/6 rides). Some many miles of great trails. You could seriously do 150 miles. The trail systems goes all the way to Diamond Fork and Strawberry Ridge... you could even link in some fire-roads and get as far as Soldier Summit. Much of it is similiar to Stansbury. There's a little bit of everything from single track to dual track, hill climbs, rocks, roots, tight switch-backs. You'd really enjoy this ride. So far there are 4 people planning on coming. I'll definately be there, come if you can.

- Eric

It looks like you guys have been riding up Hobble Creek quite often. Do you guys have a trail map or something you could provide? Our crew of three would love to come with but Sat. does not work out. :D If there is some sort of trail map or directions you could give us that would be greatly appreciated. We want to check it out before the snow flies.

Thanks in advance :)

I've got a full set of maps. Since the weather will likely hold for the next month (my comment about the last time may have been exaggerated to get more interest :)). The maps are good place to start but not terribly accurate or easy to read. Let me know when you'd like to go... I'd be happy to have another excuse to ride this area.

Hey Eric- could you please call me? My computer is broken at the moment and may be down for a while and you never answer your cell. 556-8082 I'm using a friend's computer right now. I'm going riding with the sage riders next weekend, but I'd like to get a ride going for the following weekend. I haven't ridden my dirt bike for 13 days, 5 hours and 17 minutes and it's killing me. :):D


Chris - I rode the Knolls race on Saturday. Novice class over 30, came in 6th. Had a great time. Steve didn't do as well. He was way out in front, crashed and burned, and after kicking it for over an hour couldn't get his bike restarted. He ended up having a 4-wheeler pull start it after the race was over.

I may or may not be able to ride this weekend. We're trying to purchase a new home. If our offer is accepted today, I'll have to pass on this weekend. I'll send you an email tomorrow morning.

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