Just got a 2011 yz450f, think i might sell it already

Just got a 2011 yz450f at the begining of the week. Its looks awesome, and is fast as hell. But im already thinking im going to sell it. Been riding 2 strokes for the past year, and im not sure if the 4 stroke is that much better. I know im a little quicker, but I dont like having to worry about all the 4 stroke issues and worrying about my bike depreciating like crazy. Has anyone else recently went to a for stroke, to only go right back to a 2 stroke?

I had a 07 kx250f for about 3 weeks, Just couldn't get used to it and worried about grenading the thing, So got a 02 cr250. had for like 2 years and loved it. Now I got an 05 kx250 and honstly think its the best bike I'v ever riddin.I think its way better than all my friends "new"(junk:p) 250fs

you sound paranoid, any new dirt bike is going to depreciate as soon as you leave the dealer. And just what issues do you think you will have? Despite what some people say, a 4 stroke, especially a yz450f is a very reliable bike so long as you keep up with normal maintenance.

My last last 4-stroke ( 2009 yz450) I lost like 2,000 when I sold it a year after I bought it. Where as every 2-stroke ive ever had, I usually make a couple hundred when I sell them.

if you were worried about depreciation, why did you buy a new bike? why didn't you think about that before you purchased the new bike?

I went back to a smoker (2010 YZ250) because I wanted something light and easy to work on.

But talking about depreciation, I hope you got that YZF for cheap because you are going to take a huge one.

Nothing sells, and when it does, it's for real low $$$.

Even a YZ doesn't go for much. It just will sell faster (eventually)

you should keep the 450 and enjoy it. Do your filter, oil changes, valves check and it will last before some major work.

That 2011 yz has to be buttery smooth. How could you wanna get rid of a smooth, powerful, NEW bike.

You gotta ride what you like. You are in the wrong sport if you are looking to save money!

I don't think that a week is really enough time to make that kind of a judgement call, as someone said you sound a little paranoid about possible issues. I've got 113 hours on my '09 that I bought as a left over last year and in that time the only issue I've had was that the nikasil was starting to wear on the cylinder. A new OEM cylinder cost me $256 shipped, after more than 110 hours you can't really complain about that.

If you sell the bike now, I guarantee you that you've got the most $$ to lose. You may as well ride it a while longer, give yourself some time to get used to it and see if you can get over the fear of it costing you a bunch of money.

My 11 is the best bike I've ever owned , and yamahas are the lost maintenance problem free thumpers you can own . If it's strictly the feel give it time , if you are worried bout maintenance ? All I've ever had to do is change filters and oil on all my yams and put hundreds of hours on em with no problems and sold em all.

I bought it used, so I know I can sell if for atleast what I bought it for. Thats why im considering selling it now, because if I wait any longer I will loose money.

Kinda made an impulse buy, and considering im in school and broke most of the time, thinking my $2500 2stroke might be a better choice for now, atleast financially.

I know ill have another 4stroke down the road.

You need to look at this :


You're thinking that the aftermarket parts on your bike are worth more than they are. The bike posted has fewer aftermarket parts, but only has 4 hours of runtime on it where yours has 30. Honestly, the only parts on your bike that I'd personally care about are the pipe and suspension and you'd be lucky to get half of retail. The wheels are nice, but so are the stock Excel's on my '09.

I've seen brand new '11 yz450's listed for close to what you're asking for yours.. Pipe and suspension done or not, I'd buy new for that difference. Just giving you some honest feedback, not that you asked for it...

Good luck with the sale

I have 108 hours on my 2010 yz450. It's had oil changed every 5 hours (full synthetic), air filter every ride. new top end at 60 hours $800. But now it has developed a knock in the bottom end I am finding metal in the filter. All of my yz250s have had over 200 hours with nothing more than new pistons and 1/2 the maintenance. Plus they are allot easier to ride in tough conditions.

new top end at 60 hours $800.

You spent $800 on a new piston and rings ? Does that include a new head ? I just did the top end in my '09, and a new cylinder for a total of $396.

The reason you are broke is because you bought a 11 yzf450 I would sell and get your money out while you can.

Just sold my 2011 yz450f today. It was easy to get what i paid (6400), plus I kept the stock wheels with tires, which im sure are worth atleast 400.

So to CRF450319, apparently my aftermarket parts on my bike were worth what I thought. And those brandnew 11's your talking about are before taxes and all them dealer fees, atleast in Central Florida.

So to CRF450319, apparently my aftermarket parts on my bike were worth what I thought. And those brandnew 11's your talking about are before taxes and all them dealer fees, atleast in Central Florida.

Hey, that's great. There's a dealership (Heinin's/Larson's ?) selling new '11's for around $6500 $6600 OTD as far as I know ? I personally, am willing to travel to get a bike and for a few hundred more would rather have a brand new one. But, I didn't think a used '11 would sell for that much ? I guess all you need is for the right buyer to come along and buy your bike, which is exactly what you did.


Give it time. I had serious buyer's remorse on a recent new-to-me Yamaha purchase. Coming off a YZ250 the bigger bike and my riding "style" didn't gel even with proper sag, fine tuning, ergo changes, etc. Even attitude changes before I went riding. Then after about a month (which is a long time to have remorse and read online comments and going to other mfg dealerships) the bike and I figured it out.

But there obviously comes a time where you call it quits and move on to the new toy.

It's a dirtbike...not an investment property. Just ride it and forget about the $$.

your so right

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