I'm BACK ! lol

Just picked up an 11. I had an 09 for a year then picked up an 09 Honda, I liked it well enough on the smooth tracks but once it got rough wow the head shake. Long story short back on Yammie's. Just curious I have a set of 22 1/2 off set RG3's and was wondering if they will fit tie 11 . I know stock is 22 but I wonder if I would notice that 1/2 off set. I ride only mx. thanks guys.

Looks like I'm an idiot, lol I thought they were 22 1/2 and they are 22's so hopefully they fit.

the clamps from the 09 yz? I don't think they will fit, I may be wrong but I think I remember the fork legs being a little thicker than the 06-09. Plus the bottom clamp may not fit the new frame.

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