MSNBC Poll - Clinton's National Monuments

President Bush & Gale Norton are attempting to revise boudaries and regulations affecting the 18 new national monuments created by Clinton in his last days in office. We lost access to over 1 million acres as a result. Some of our favorite single-track trails in the Sequoia NF are now illegal, even though they were only used and maintained by riders. Foot traffic only now, no vehicles of any kind, which of course includes bicycles and wheelchairs. Vote YES to support revising the boundaries, or NO to leave them alone...

Here's the link, but it seems to be down temporarily:

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I hope the lack of response to this post is not an indication of the general attitude out there. So far the opposition is winning in this poll 58% to 41%.

link is still down.

I think the opposition rigged the vote and that's why the link didn't work.

I voted just a second ago.

Still down when I tried it.

The damn thing won't let me vote! :D

Is it just me, or does this thing seem biased. I hate the way they try to help you think. :D:D:)

It wouldn't let me vote either..... just shows the results.

I think they use "cookies" to keep you from voting more than once. I suspect we have an old cookie (from one of the older polls??) that they are seeing. I did a little search, but didn't find anything in the windows temporary internet files directory. I didn't want to clear them all, because I want to keep some of my cookies.

If not the cookies, then I suspect the problem is on their end (sabotaged by greenie bastages?).

I didn't even see where to vote on the link.

I will try again

I can't find where to vote either!

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