YZ400 Street Legal Wiring

I picked up a YZ400 CA street legal bike. I rebuilt the top end and ran great on a dunes trip but... the electrical stuff is a mystery to me and I 'd like to get the lighting working properly/actually street legal for some dual sport rides.

My question is: Does anyone have a good schematic for a Street Legal YZ400? AND/OR: Does anyone in the Costa Mesa, CA area have a good understanding of the wiring and want to make a couple bucks helping me out?

Here's what I have: 1998 YZ400: Working LED brake light, DHH (Acerbis) headlight w/ Hi/Lo switch that pops bulbs when the rpms vary. I have a key switch wired and got the mini 12V battery from Baja Designs.. Installed the battery the way I thought it should be but popped a couple 5AMP fuses after starting.. Not sure which stator I have (YZ/WR).

I have some baja designs schematics I downloaded and some from the clymers manual but nothing covers the street legal stuff.

If I run a battery, do I still need the WR stator?

I just really don't know what I have going on electrically.

Apologies in advance... I'm only 2 stroke experienced.

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We are in San Diego if you need someone to square away the wiring we can do it.

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