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xr650 stock stator low voltage, drops at rev

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Hi, I have an XR650R with a stock stator and I am building (built) led tail light quickly today.

Checked voltage at the tail light wires and it reads ~10.5V a/c at idle, but when reved it actually drops to ~8V. Strange huh? Haven't yet checked voltage anywhere else in the system it's too late tonight. But wanted to get some feedback.

Most recently I have been riding with a blown headlight and there never was a tail light on the bike since I bought it, (socket is actually missing). I have read on some older machines, like my CT90 that running with no lights to load down the electrical system can actually damage it? Seems strange, I suppose on a hinky electrical system they could count on the load to drag the voltage down, but this shouldn't be the case for the XR-R?

Replaced headlight yesterday and it seems to be working fine, it of course is dim at idle but gets brighter when reving, which should indicate a voltage increase, not decrease.

Any feedback?

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