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Radiator Guards? (looking for input on a possible new product)

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I usually hang out on the 2stroke forums, but i have a question I would like to put forth on here to gauge interest in some new radiator guards. I built this prototype and have had it on my personal bike for over a year and haven't managed to damage the rads! I just got laid off again:bonk: and am thinking about producing these and I have a couple questions:

- Would you buy guards like this that offer superior protection even at the expense at a little extra weight?

- How much money would you spend on guards like the ones pictured?

- Would like to hear any questions or concerns or input...





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Sorry to hear about your job situation. Been there.

Kudos on your desire to try and do something on your own.

I see this as a very tough and competitive market.

Your Devol and Unabiker and EE that you can usually get under $100 to your top dog Bullet Proof Designs that will be $200+. You would need to be somewhere in between.

Your guards look beefy and heavy. A lot of weight could be saved without loosing strength with lightning holes in the side plates. As you know that increases labor time and drives the final price up.

Obvious features guards/braces need to have.

Air flow. Most important. No matter how tough a guard is, if you cant ride without over heating all the time, the guard is useless.

Strong. Need to withstand frontal and side impact. Keep them from bending or twisting or crushing.

Light weight. This is a tough one.

Puncher resistance. Keeping objects from stabbing through the front of the radiator. This is the number one reason I have seen that ends the riders day. I have seen plenty of bent rads. still allow you to keep riding.

Allow OEM fan kit to mount. Very important in the 4st world.

Allow for after market gas tanks.

Allow for the shrouds to mount without modifying.

Ease of installation and removal. Again, important for 4st for maintenance like valve adjustment.

I'm sure there are other things I have missed.

Good luck on your adventure. Do your homework and see if you can be competitive and still make a couple $'s.

Good luck on the job front too.

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