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Primary drive gear spacer and stiff crank

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After rebuilding my 86 RM125 I have found that there is no top end power, it just coughs and splutters when it gets to where the powervalve should kick in. Even if I rev it and release the clutch, the power just vanishes. It's fine in neutral. So I've been thinking what's wrong.

When I was rebuilding I installed fresh oil seals throughout. The crank turned freely but when I put the primary drive gear spacer in (which was a pain to get in the seal) and tightened up the gear nut, it made the crank quite hard to turn over. Not ridiculously hard but there is resistance. I haven't checked if yet if it is the same after running it but is this normal with a new seal on this side? It was spinning much free-er when I split the case and I've never seen a crank this hard to turn over before. The seal came in a pack with all the other seals and is made by Winderosa

Thanks for any help, John

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