Hesitation off Idle

Hello TT Friends!

I have a question about my '00 426. It runs like a scalded cat, beaucoup power off the throttle under load once I am rolling. The only thing I noticed is when the bike is sitting still and idling, if I try to wick the throttle suddenly,it bogs or even dies. If I rev the throttle a bit, then give it the gas,it takes it, no problem. I talked to a fellow racer at the local Yammie shop and he said that this was a common condition with 4 strokes above 300cc. Also when cruising down a hill with the throttle closed, the engine backfires a bit. Again, the bike runs very strong, cranks on the first or second kick, so I don't want to resort to drastic measures or do anything that might cause it to run worse. Anyone else experience this phenomenon? Thanks!

Sounds like you are lean on the pilot jet. You can also adjust the fuel screw to richen but that may not solve the entire problem. If adjusting the fuel screw helps a bit, you may try one larger on the pilot jet.


Yzernie is right. Pretty common situation, find the fuel screw and back it out 1/4 turn at a time until it goes away. If you go beyond a 2 full turns out (from all the way in) consider a step up on the pilot jet.

This is super easy and takes all of 2 minutes once you figure out where the fuel screw and pilot jets are. Check the manual for the carb diagram and you will find it no problem.

Dave S

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