SpeedWorld Tomorrow

Any Zonies up for a morning blast tomorrow?

I'm jones'n bad to go riding, gotta get in shape for the Washougal National!

Practice is from 6am to 11am. That means getting up at 4!!! Jeez I better get ready for bed soon!!



Sounds good, I'll be there with a couple of other 426 guys

I'm #85, my friend has no #, stop by if you see us.

Who else, eh?

Dave S

I assume you are not going to the race Sunday in Holbrook?

I'm just waiting for 8/2 surgery.

Got fitted for the CTi2 yesterday!

Can't wait for Nov/Dec so I can RIDE AGAIN!!!


To much work at the shop for me.

AZOT will be at the Holbrook track checking it out. Will be a light turn out due to distance. If you go up there, you will have to get up earlier than 4 !!! because its a four hour drive :)

Just back from vacation G, would like to go but I need the sleep. My hand is feeling about ready to give it a try again. Went water skiing on vacation and had no problems with the hand. It still isn't 100% but seems OK to ride now. I want to try MotoGrande one of these nights...

Dave S,

Sorry didn't get this msg until now. How did you like the track?


No racing in Holbrook, too far.

Glad to hear you got fitted for your CTI2.

8-2 huh, that's my birthday! LOL :)

Good Luck

MaicoMan, maybe next time homeboy.


MotoGrande this Thursday bruther, plan on it, I will be there...


Can't make it this Thursday G, heading to San Francisco Friday morning with my youngest son to watch the D-Back beat the Giants at PacBell park and take in some sites. Probably be out of town the week after on business so it will probably be August before I ride again.


No problem, Track was good yesterday, the jumps had been faced up nicely and I had a good time. The step-down (?) jump next to the starting gate was not part of the track :) nor was the BIG TALL sloping table top at the East end of the parking lot (by the trees) Only rode about 2 hours thought before the heat did me in. My own fault, I didnt get there until 8:30. My friend overslept.

I rode a 250f for about 10 laps, What a bike! I'd say with another 10 laps I would be easlily as fast as I am on the 426, maybe a touch faster. I think I found my next ride...

G-man, RacerX,

I'm up for Motogrande as well, I think I can make it this thursday, just gotta shake this cold. Let me know when you are going G and I'll be there.

Dave S

Dave, I'm definitely faster on my 250F than I was on my 400F. I just need to tone it down a little and stop crashing. The bike inspires you to go fast, I just seem to be pushing it beyond my limits, not the bikes limits though. I have a friend who has a 250F for sale for $5000 with 15 hours on it if you are interested in it. It's stock and I can email pics of it if you like.


I just tried a 250f today for the first time. I had an 00 426 and have an 01 426. Man, that 250f is fun and it sure does inspire you to go faster. I was turning as good or better lap times on the 250f. I raced 125's years ago and jumped to 250's in the early 90's. I'm not sure if I want to go down in size, considering I weigh 205 now. Aren't most of the 250f riders weighing in below 180? I kinda wish that I had one of those sitting in my garage right now......maybe I'll get my 426 out this week to change my mind about that. :)

MotoStyle, I'm 165lbs W/O gear but I see 200lbs+ guys on 250F's doing pretty well in the vet classes...

I think the only two reservations I have about the 250f vs 426 would be starts and missed shifts. Otherwise I really think I would be better off on a 250f and I weigh about 200 also.

Starts are probobly not that big of a deal either because if there is not a lot of traction, that is the limiting factor and if there is a lot of traction, I have a hard time keeping the 426 front wheel down anyway. And my starts pretty much suck anyway so for me no big loss there ! ;-)

Being in the wrong gear was a much bigger problem on the 250f than the 426 but I dont think that would be a real problem once familiar with the bike and track. I suppose there would probobly be 2 to 4 more shifts per lap on the average.

Hmmm Sounds like I am talking myself into it !

Dave S

"Being in the wrong gear was a much bigger problem on the 250f than the 426 but I dont think that would be a real problem once familiar with the bike and track. I suppose there would probobly be 2 to 4 more shifts per lap on the average."

Personally I would think it would be a lot more shifts than that. I like the extra grunt of the big bore, but yea if it was lighter, I would dig that in the air!


Moto to Live

Live to Moto



Yea, I definitely shifted more on the 250f and found myself in a gear that wouldn't quite pull me up some hills like on the 426. But, I did get use to doing a little more shifting and using a little more clutch finess to get her going. I was able to rail turns and throw the 250 around much moreso than the 426. It was hardpack conditions, so that can change when the track is optimum. There are advantages to the 426, like coming out of a tight turn and getting up over a tricky double with ease, etc....but the biggest difference for me was the weight savings. I'm an expert racer and find the stock 250f to be pretty fast. With a pipe, that could get even faster. With a 290 kit, that would make me illegal in the 125 class, but I sure could have some fun in the 30+ class. :)

Hey G-Man - if you want lighter, and grunt, get a 520 SX. :) I love mine.

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