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Looking for a bike

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I currently ride a 2008 Honda CRF250X. I'm 16, 160 lbs without gear, and I'm between 5'11" and 6' tall.

With my current bike I'm always looking for more acceleration. It has enough speed for me but just doesn't have the acceleration I'd like it to have. I ride trails and I like to go around the mx track.

I've been looking at KTM's and am set on getting one. I want a bike that is inbetween what I have now and a race bike, I don't want a bike that will mousetrap on me. I would like a bike that is light weight. So I've been really looking at the KTM 150xc and the 250xc. What are the differences in power between my 250x and the KTM's?

I'd like to know what everyone's thoughts and suggestions are. Thanks.

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