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kx250 transmissions??

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I just picked up a 96 kx250 transmission to do the 1st gear mod on my 99 kx 250, im wondering if I can fit the entire transmission from 96 into my 99 cases?

Also has anyone tried putting just a 5th gear from a 03' - up into there 99-02 kx 250?

Might tire doing a 96 1st, 99 2nd-3rd, 96 4th and a 03-up 5th?

that would be

1st 32/15

2nd 26/16

3rd 24/18

4th 25/22

5th 20/23

Do you guys think it will work??

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Yes all of your ideas will work.You can just put the whole 96 trans in but then you have to use the older countershaft sprocket. As for the 02-04 5'th gear yes you can add that too, the first wide ratio trans I made up was that setup and the jump from 4'th to 5'th was more than I liked so then I came up with the trans that is in my 99 right now and has been in there the last 4 years and that is a 94-98 1'st and 2'nd with 02 3'rd 4'th and 5'th. This is the best setup other than the KDX trans for me. The 02 3'rd is a little lower ratio than the 03-04 3'rd and works the best for me.

All that said I am putting in the KDX trans into my 99 this winter and taking that trans out. BTW the 99 and 96 4'th are the same. All of the gears in the 96 and 99 are the same except 1'st. I have tryed most every comb I could think of through the years looking for the best setup for trail riding and also have tryed many motor combs too. I am pretty serious about my trail riding and like being on an odd bike compared to all the new bikes my friends have LOL.


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Did no1clyde's tranny in my 2002 KX250. Works well.

1st 15/32 - 98'

2nd 16/26 - 98

3rd 19/23 - 02'

4th 21/21 - 02'

5th 23/20 - 02'

Makes for a good trail tranny.

Also run a 13/49 sprocket set up.

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