XT 350 help.......

have a 2000 XT 350, it idles good and runs well under load......starts good too, but when your cruising(little load on engine) it feels like its missing......some times I'll pull the choke out a little and it smoothes out.....running to lean?? this bike gets 65-70 mpg. I'm taking it to a shop and have them look at it .....what do ya think???? THANKYOU!!!!

Your profile does not show where you are from. I can only say what happens with these bikes in California. Due to the strict emmisions standards required for the dual sport bikes, the manufactures have no choice but to jet them very lean.

If I remember correctly, the shops are restricted from modifying the carb because of these regulations. You can buy the jets and richen it up yourself. I had to do this with my XT 600. Since there are no smog checks for motorcycles in California (yet!!)I also relieved the "pollution control device" of it guts. After this and rejetting the carb, it runs great and still gets 40+ miles per gallon.


remove the spark plug and check its color. white or grey is to lean, black is to rich and brown/golden is good mixture.

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