SRC Fork Brace Question Help!

I bought a used SRC brace on eBay and finally got around to putting it on tonight. Maybe some of you guys who bought a new one and actually got instructions could help me out. When the fork compresses the fork guard on the left fork contacts the clamp holding the brake line. There is no way it's ever gonna clear that clamp. If I take the clamp off all is well. :) I put a brace on my old XR4 and don't remember any clearance problems but that was a long time ago. Do the instructions say to remove the clamp or did I do something wrong? Help :D :D :D

I no longer have my instructions, but I do recall having to remove that clamp because of interference. I also wasn't so keen on cutting the front fender out that much, but I didn't want to take the chance of the front wheel locking up when coming down hard, especially at speed. The pre-drilled hole on the SRC fork guard is 'supposed' to guide the cable. In addition to that, I also made a simple tie-strap stand-off on my brake cable and fastened it to one of the treaded holes where the old clamp was and the brake cable is definitely secure this way.

If yours is like my XR400 brace, you remove the stock cable clamp and routes the cable through the "arrow" shaped bearing that supports the bottom of the plastic fork tube guards. One side is notched for the line the other isnt.

If this helps, let me know, if it doesnt, I can take a pic of my install, I cant imagine they are too far apart!!

Robert :)

On my instructions, it also mentioned lowering the fork tubes down 1/4in, t5o be sure there was no cantact in case of complete compression. They also suggested that you remove the fork top caps and fully depress the forks to be sure that there is no possibility of contact of the brace/lower triple clamp. I found SRC to be very helpful, as I recall Wade helped me out. Send them an email, they are top notch!!

Robert :)

I had the same prob call them 1800 221 9752 or

They will fax, e-mail or snail mail the instructions.

They are very helpfull people!


Make note that you will have to cut the fender around the SRC brace for the XR650R or else the brace will contact the front wheel when its fully compressed. Lowering the fork tubes without cutting the fender will not solve this matter on the XR650R. Make sure to remove your fork caps and fully compress the front suspension to make 100% certain your brace does not come in contact with the front wheel or else you could be in for a world of hurt if you bottom out of a jump or hit a big g-out at speed. Wade at SRC will explain everything to you and probably fax you the instructions as mentioned above. I did not find the included SRC fender cut out temmplate to be all that accurate and only used it as a starting point.

I put one on a month ago. The trick on the cable clamp is to take a dremmel or grinder and take the lip or edge of it down so that it is just sticking out past the cable. Next is to use a couple of washers under the guide on the brace so it stands off a bit. I have no interference although it is close. As for the fender, get the pattern cut out from SRC and use a jigsaw with a plastic cutting blade and it will look good. The only problem that I have is that if a lot of mud builds up on the fender it tends to flop a bit due to the weight and the weakened condition from the cut out. I will be adding a bracket to support the front of the fender and attach to the fender bolts. :)


I will be adding a bracket to support the front of the fender and attach to the fender bolts...

Ahhh...I can see a new project ahead of me later this year :) Great idea!

Is it worth all the effort?! What does it do for you? Can you feel the difference? My forks have new springs and gold valves, but I'm still not happy with them (too much sticktion). Would the money be better spent with new upper and lower triple clamps and maybe a stabalizer?

Definitely worth it!! I find when turning in deep sand it shows its worth. The side of the tire encounters resistance from the sand, and would twist the forks, if the brace wasnt there!!

It probably wont help stiction, unless installing the brace happens to realign the front end.

Call Wade at SRC, get the instructions and follow them, i think you will be happy with the results.

Robert :)

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I got everything right but I just couldn't remember removing that clamp on my XR4.

That was in the summer of '96 though and a lot of things have slipped from my old mind since then. :D Qadsan, I will definitely get the fender trimmed enough. I saw someone take a nasty trip over the bars a few years back because they thought it was a waste of time to trim the fender. :D I like Thumpdaddy's idea about trimming that clamp and shimming the guide with washers. I'm gonna give that a try.


It's really not that much effort. The install is pretty easy. I don't know how it will work on the 650 yet but it was a big improvement on the XR400. It helped the bike steer out of deep mud ruts and rocks much quicker than stock. Those forks seemed to flex and twist a lot more than the 650 though. Maybe it's because I'm that much slower though. :D Summers has not been running the brace in the 3 GNCC's he has raced this year. Thanks again for everyone's help. :)

Is it worth all the effort?! What does it do for you? Can you feel the difference?

I received mine as a gift, but I probably would not buy it if I was starting over. I know it helps the XR400 a lot (smaller diameter forks), but I did not find that same level of benefit for my XR650R. I've tried my bike with and without the brace several times and I personally don't notice much if any difference for the type of riding I'm doing (trail/general purpose fun). Perhaps if I was riding in rock gardens or always in wicked ruts, then maybe it it might help, but not even Scott Summers uses it on his XR650R from what I've seen.

I would much rather put my money into the ergo's (top triple clamp, IMS Pro pegs, grips, bars, etc). I also thought about getting a lower clamp, but I didn't see too much benefit in it for my needs. The top clamp I chose relocated the bars higher & farther forward to better suite me since I'm tall. The IMS Pro pegs were a welcomed item for me as they help to keep my feet more firmly planted. I'm quite happy with my stabilizer. It's kind of a sleeper in that you don't notice it much while riding, but its there for when you need it and you'll notice it when you remove it. Getting the bike sprung for your riding weight (easy to do yourself), setting the race sag while making sure you have the correct static sag along with fine tuning the clickers will go a long ways towards improving your suspension and it only gets better with revalving.

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