2002 wr 426 stalling on take off

Hi guys just braught a 02 wr 426 estaminated 5000 kms on it. and i am having trouble with it stalling on idle and take off. i have cleaned the carby and couldnt see anything wrong there. it has standard pipe and jets, any ideas?

Accelerator pump system in the carburetor is it working?

yeah it squirts like a water pistol as soon as you crack the throttle, it is perfect right through the rev range, accept right at the start. not sure if it is flooding?

cheers mate i will look in to it. thanks for the advice.

so it wasnt any thing to do with my carby (hours and hours wasted) it was my de comp cable , it was to tight and when i turned my bars it was pulling on the de comp and stalling it , so if anyone has any un explainable stalling i suggest to try that. cheers and thanks for the advice

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