Need a Picture of the 2000 WR400 Carburetor - left side

I had a guy working on my WR at the house. He disconnected all the hoses from the left side of the carb and I can't get him to come back and finish the job. Anyone have a picture of the left side of the carb so i don't have to buy a manual in order to re-connect the hoses?

In the WR stickies section you should be able to download a manual for free.

Thanks. I actually have that manual already, the pictures are of no help at least the ones I can find in the manual for the carburetor. They do not look like the same carburetor I have, very close but not the same. I believe I have the stock carburetor.

Sent you a PM.

Just realized my bike is a '99 model, my apologies. I did get some pictures of the 2000 model and the carbs are close but not the same. As you can tell I am not a mechanic.

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