STARTING OVER what about a yzf426

I haven't raced in 23 years, rode just a little on 85 KX500 (a few months). Thinking about getting back into some vet mxing and hare scrambling. Looked at some 99 KTM 300 EX & MX and now looking at a 2001 used YZF 426. Rode it just a little. Is it too much to start over with? Also, what are the bad traits of the 426? (this would be the first 4 stroke dirtbike I have owned). THANKS--Doug

It is not too much bike to start over with. Last year at age 34 I bought a 2000 426 and it is the first MX bike I've ever ridden except for an XR 200 for 6 months prior to that. I have been racing since December. While it is definitely alot of bike to handle, I found it to be the perfect "starter" bike for me. Because of all the power available, the bike is very forgiving. Doesn't matter what gear I'm in, I can just hit the throttle and hit any jump and know the bike will pull me through. Though I've never owned a 2 stroke, my understanding is that you have to do alot of clutch work to keep it in the powerband thus not as forgiving if you happen to miss a gear. The only perceived "disadvantage" is the heavy weight of the 426, but I find this imparts a degree of stability when jumping, etc. My bike has been problem free with only the most basic routine maintenance required.

Do it Doug! Look down at the post titled "Any older 426 riders?" and you'll see there are lots of us old geezers still riding and racing...

I've ridden for years offroad when I was younger, then took about 10 years off to go to school, etc.. and just a couple of months ago got an 01' 426 to do MX for the first time ever. I've been to about 4 practice rounds at the closest track to my house and I am unbelieveably happy with my choice. I'm about 6' 160# without gear and for me the bike feels great. The motor is my favorite part, winning barely over the suspension. If you open it exiting a corner then you had better hold on tight, but it's completely smooth and controllable. Just a little throttle and you get just a little power. A lot of throttle and you get a lot of power, no matter which gear you're in or how high it's revving. Is it too much bike? I'm not sure, I haven't tried any other late model bike to compare it too, but it sure is a lot of fun. :)

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