Took the 650 to the track yesterday

That's right, I took my XR650R to Lake Elsinore even though everyone says they don't belong on the track. Actually the reason i took it was because my friend is thinking of buying one so I wanted him to try mine first before making a decision. Anyhow I decided to do a few laps on the big track (later the GFI and Vet track)and was totally surprised, I began clearing tabletops and doubles and whoops, cornering was a little tricky but it sure was fun to pin the throttle out of the corners and rarely did I go lower than 3rd gear except for real tight corners w/ jumps close by. Also the tracks were really choppy that day and the suspension soaked up all the chop and breaking bumps pretty well, I later found out how well when I hopped on my CR250 and took a beating. Here's the cool part, I let my friend ride it who is really fast on the track and he was clearing all the jumps including some triples w/in 3 laps. The only jumps he didn't do were some step ups that if you get out of shape on you' re gonna get hurt. We were lauhging watching him pass guys, he also got some surprised looks when people saw what kind of bike he was on.

Now that I am done bragging I will say that for the most part the 650 doesn't belong on the track, it was definatly more effort than my 250 and landing are rough if you come up short on jumps but it was still a fun time.

By the way my other friend who wants a 650 liked mine alot and said he could imagine having fun on one ripping through the desert. He said he would trade me for his YZ426, which would financially be better for me but I tunred him down.

That's awesome! Evertime I take mine out on a track, I take it easy on the jumps because of what everyone says... maybe I should just Go For It! I rode with a couple guys at Mace Mill (single track woods) who were on modified XR400's on Sunday. I had no problem keeping up with them in the tight stuff and that was with stock gearing! I think I'm going to trick my BRP out some more and go hunting for KTM525's, KX500's, etc. No job is too big (or small) for the mighty BRP. :)

No job is too big (or small) for the mighty BRP. :D

That reminded me of a Chevy truck ad I saw in a magazine at the dentist the other day; there was a muddy Silverado pictured with the caption " Sledgehammer in a ballpeen world". :D:)

I've finally just bought a 2001 XR650! I delayed the purchase of one for three years due to having a stereotypical view on the bikes weight. Prior to riding it I did some personal setting up (as you do) and weighed the big beast on the scales. It did indeed come up as being heavier than my '88 XR600 but, as I have found :) there are too many outstanding features on this bike that more than make up for a few kilos! Firstly the performance of the suspension/chassis allows you to tackle rougher terrain/ruts with more one particular rutted boggy wet hill that usually takes me a couple of runs was conquered easily and actually gave me the confidence to ride down and fly up it again! So the sum is better than the parts and I can safely say my bike (with HRC kit) is the fastest in town in the open!

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