2000 wr 400 not firing at all

i have a 2000 wr400 that has had a top en rebuild less than 15 hours ride ago had the valves shimmed. yesterday was riding fine except for it didnt like to idle until late in the day when it started holding the revs even when i throttled back did this for a minute or so then when i stopped it stalled and will not start again kick starting/roll starting/tow starting nothing is working its not even firing anymore. anyone got any ideas on what it could be thats causing it before i go taking things apart to see if i can find the problem?

Tight valves or timing off.

I'd be looking at a tight intake.


Valves got shimmer with the rebuild only 4 rides ago will check the intake though

Did you try switching the tank to reserve ?

Did you pull the fuel line to see if your actually getting any fuel to the carb ?

Did you check to see if your getting spark ?

It's getting fuel to carb. Haven't had a chance to pull the tank off to get at the plug yet will be checking that and lead Tommorow.

I don't think it's a spark problem because it was holding revs before it stalled and wouldn't start again im thinking it could be the slide in the carby

Then it could only be a clogged jet or stuck/clogged float valve.

It started first kick today idled for about 30 seconds wouldn't rev when I twisted throttle. Then died and wouldn't start again. Throttle cables seem to be fine and still working. Thinking it may be the carby slide

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