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Hi All,

My first post so I thought I'd celebrate with a question.

I just bought an '08 TE 450 on Ebay. Really happy with the bike and the deal. One thing that surprised me when I received it was the seat height is quite low, much lower than expected. I'm 6' tall (OK, I used to be 6" tall but seam to be getting slightly shorter as the years pass) and I can comfortably plant both feet flat on the ground which doesn't seem right. I've ridden a 510 and it was very tall so expected mine to be the same. I suspect it has had a lowering link fitted but it doesn't have a brand name on it. Can someone measure their standard link and tell me how long it should be from bolt center to bolt center? What other ways could it have been lowered and how can I tell. It is very comfortable as it is but I'm thinking the geometry must be way out as the forks are at standard height.

Thanks for any input.

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