Second Gear ????

I am riding a 2010 yz450, Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems shifting into 2nd. I recently changed the oil and put a different oil in it after the oil change it was very difficult to shift into second. I put yamalube in it again and it seemed to get a little bit better but still hard to shift...... any ideas ??????


i had the same prob,when the bike was new.i got it fixed from my yamaha dealer-they worked on the second gear---after 25 hours the gear broke! (look at my posts , i did a post in 2010)

now i have a oem 2 and 3 gear new in and now probs ( since then 50 h)

I don't have that much of a problem on my yz but I do find myself not pulling it up enough and just hitting neutral. Then hammering on the throttle only to go nowhere and hit the limiter.....:busted:

I had some problems with 3rd to 4th gear.

Ok guys I am going to sound like an idiot but here goes, the problem was more simple than the oil, when I pulled off the shifter to replace the cam chain I didn't put it back in the same spot it was to low. I moved the shifter up 2 notches and problem solved it shifts great again, thanks for all the info and help

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