2010 Yzf450f Steering Stem Bearings

I just replaced my top and bottom steering stem bearings. I finished and I have a tiny gap from my frame to the bottom washer... In other words my washer below the upper triple clamp does not sit flat on the frame?? What did I do wrong? Thanks

Did you use OEM bearings? If so, you may have either failed to completely seat the outer race of the upper bearing. You may also have switched races from one to another.

Are the top and bottom races different? I used the Moose kit.. If I do have them switched around, will it hurt anything?

The upper and lower bearings are different for certain, and the cups (outer races) should always be kept together with the bearings. In the OEM bearing set, the lower bearing has a seal built onto it. The upper has a seal built into the upper end of the bearing cone that seals directly to the outer race to augment the seal/dust ring that sits under it.

If you switched races and thereby caused a misfit, the lower bearing will sit too deep by the amount the upper is standing out, which may lead to the frame dragging the clamp, and may also cause the seal to fail. At the top, if the wrong race is used, the internal seal will not work as it should, and the outer seal that shows the gap obviously has no chance of working.

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