Jetting for Utah

Going to be heading out to Marysvale, UT from NJ and was looking for some jetting advice. From what I read, we will be starting at an elevation of about 6000ft. Also, probably going to do some riding in Moab. Bike is stock with open air box and jetted for under 1000ft now. Looking to get the Pro Moto Billit stock pipe insert for noise, so this may slightly affect the jetting. Utah riders, please help !!!!



Sticky, how are you getting your bike out there? My friend and I are also planning a trip to Utah but would rather not drive since we can only take one week off from work. We considered shipping the bikes and flying out there but its pretty expensive round trip. Just wondering what your plan is.

JD :)

Look at my sig. While mine is a 2000 WR400 this should at least ballpark you. I love this jetting, it is far better than stock and the best things I've found. In fact I don't even feel the need to fiddle with it anymore at's that good. It works great to 8,000 plus feet. To each his own though.


Another jetting option. Works fantastic. See below...

That's about the elevation I ride at here in NM. I've got a 40 pilot, 165 main, and red JD needle with clip in the middle.

Before I changed to YZ timing, I ran 42 pilot, 165 main and stock WR needle.

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