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Xr650l stalling trouble

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Hello all. I've been reading the forum for a while now.

Done some great mods. Thanks all for taking he time

To post stuff.

I am having trouble with my BRP. It dies while I am driving

, I have to turn the key off to get it restarted. Some times

It will give a loud backfire if it takes a couple of tries to get

It restarted. The machine is a 2000 model so not new. It has

Done this since I bought it. I thought it was the fuel petcock

Being so tall, but the latest incident it died with a half gallon

Out of a full 4.7 gal tank. It does seem to be a fuel thing but

I dont know. I have made sure the vent tube is clear on the

Gas tank, taken petcock off( redish sediment in bowl), but the

Screen was clean, checked fuel line it was clear, checked carb

Vent hoses, even taken carb off, I checked for spark. I found

Of cracked wires on the cdi plug (4-wire) fixEd those. Checked

Them yesterday when I had trouble again. I looked at a new wire

Harness, kinda pricey. I also went to the manual, and checked

ContInjury from the plug back, everything checked out. Was gonna

Call a buddy and see if he would swap cdi's with me. He doesn't

Ride as much as I do and from what I have read , his would be

The bike to test? Would the swap do me any good? :busted: help!

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