second oil change

I did the second oil change today and checked both the filter and the oil screen. The oil looked horrible, I could even see shiny metal particles in it, but the filter was basically clean (about 1/10 the metal of the first change) and there was absolutely nothing in the screen (this is the first time that I have cleaned the screen). I'm thinking of not checking the filter or screen for 2 more changes. Did anyone else have results like this?


Pretty similar to mine sir. I've had my '00 for over a year now and I've never found anything in my frame screen, and I just checked it again a few days ago. I still get metal bits in my oil filter so I still clean it every oil change. I got alot of metal out of mine the first couple changes but now only tiny little flecks and bits of clutch pressure plate. These appear as black flecks. I wonder if Yamaha will do like Honda in the future and seperate the tranny oil from the cylinder oil? Sounds like a good plan to me...


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