Countershaft Sprocket Collar;O-ring 2006 YZ450FV

I read several posts on this issue. I even found where Greyracer said if the collar is stubborn to grab it w/ pliers and spin the shaft. Mine is really on there! I was going to get medieval on it, but I thought I would ask for any alternatives. Also, there was thread regarding the o-ring. The parts diagrams show the o-ring behind the case. So it appears that you have the washer, sprocket, collar and seal that you can get to without splitting the cases. Since there was so much thread about the o-ring, I ordered it anyway. Assuming I get advice on getting the collar off, is there going to be an o-ring to replace? HELP! Bronco

The parts illustration that shows the O-ring in question is this one:

The O-ring, item 30, PN 93210-22298-00, is indeed illustrated as being inboard of the bearing, but this is not the case in real life. Once you get the collar free, you will find that O-ring just outboard of the bearing in a groove in the shaft behind the splines. You may find that you need to pull the shaft toward you a little if it's been moved inward.

Two tips on removing the collar:

  • If you get the seal out of the way, you can reach into the pocket with a small right angled pick ( a pair works better ), hook into a couple of the notches in the collar, and lever it out.
  • With the sprocket removed, tap the shaft sharply (but not heavily) inward. Doing this will slip the shaft inward in the bearing slightly, dislodging any adhesive bond the collar has formed with the O-ring.

I'll get the seal out of the way and go after the collar as you suggested. I'm glad I ordered the o-ring! Thanks so much for your continued help! Bronco.

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