TT Teams/Riders Needed, 24hr GP, PacNW

(Originally posted by TT Moderator, HR)

Hey TTr's...

There is a 24 hour GP coming up on the 8th and 9th of November in Goldendale, Wa. Bout 90 minutes North East of Portland, and not too far from Washougal Race Track.

The over the bars gang is putting on the event and they always put on a superb race.

Pushing hard to get as many Thumper Talk'ers out and racing this event to really make a "TT mark" on the off-road community!

Pre-entry Deadline: Must be recieved by 10/24/03

* Amatuer/expert teams - $300 pre enter, $400 post enter

* Pro Team - $400 pre-enter, $500 post enter

* Ironman - $60 pre enter, $100 post enter

* Amatuer/Expert Teams - up to 6 riders, on 6 bikes

* Pro teams - up to 4 riders and 1 bike, can replace all but the frame

* IronMan - 1 rider on one bike, can replace all but frame.

* Team members may be changed up to riders meeting. Must have 5 teams for a class

* Race Start: 10 Am November 8

* Race Ends: 10 Am November 9 (sooner for some! )

Will be a 12 mile loop, and you go until the 24 hours are done, then you start countin laps completed.

We have two washington teams, an Oregon Team, and possibly a California Team.

I drive by most if not all the threads here, and know there are a TON of TTrs up in this neck of the woods, so why dont you get on a team, or......start a new one and join all the TTrs on this race.! ! ! ! ! :)

Put a face to the posts if nothing else.

Also, talking with the owners of TT, any TT member that decides to run the event, will get a Thumpertalk T-shirt, as well as a set of TT fender stickers!

We have big ThumperTalk banners to put up in the pits as lets take the impact of ThumperTalk up just a bit more this fall and fill the pits with TT Teams!....

Here is the link in the Where, When and Who to ride with, Pacific on the race etc is sticky at the top!

Thumper Talk Pacific North West Thread on 24 Hour GP

Join us, its going to be a blast....and honestly I think TT needs to take home every piece of sculpted plastic they hand out....think?




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