GYTR flywheel weight -- tools needed?

I have a 2010 YZ450F with a Rekluse Core EXP and it is great, but I think I want to add a flywheel weight as well as I would like to be able to adjust my engagement point a little lower on the Rekluse but it is already prone to stalling out. My question is this-- what tools do I need to install the GYTR off-road flywheel? Do I just need a flywheel puller? If so, will the one I had for my '06 work, or is it a different size now?

Also, I have a new Renthal 52-tooth rear sprocket that I would like to put on. However, I just put on a new Regina chain (stock size- 520x114) and I don't think it is long enough to fit this bigger sprocket. If I go down one tooth in the front do you think it will fit?

The puller you have is the same and will work. Changing the flywheel is also no different than '06.

If you can't get enough chain slack guess your stuck with getting a new chain. A 12t front sprocket may be enough but that will be some seriously low gearing.

thx. ya, that low gearing may be crazy. guess i will just run the flywheel for awhile and see how it feels. thx!

I find an air wrench makes the swap a lot easier. Be careful to properly torque things back up.

I put a 50 on mine and it was pretty tight with the stock chain.

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