gas pooring out carb drain

The last time I rode was two weeks ago and the bike(09 450) was running great. I just got to the track right now and turned on the gas and gas is just flowing out the drain tube on the bottom of the carb. Can anyone tell me whats wrong, or if there are any quick fixes?

the drain screw may have vibrated loose; try tightening it down with a phillips screwdriver first. if that doesnt fix it, ur float may be stuck and u may need to remove the bowl to inspect/clean/"unstick" it.

Stuck float, or dirt under the float needle. Shut the gas off, start it and run it for a bit. Turn the gas back on and off a couple of times to keep it from dying. A lot of times, this will shake loose/wash out whatever is preventing the fuel shut off at the needle, and things will be OK afterwards.

Sometimes you can tap on the bowl with a screwdriver handle to clear the offending trash from the seat.

Thanks a lot guys, I gave the bowl a few taps and it stopped, im now going to what grey said for extra precaution. Thanks for saving my riding day

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