SpeedWorld ride report

Damn it’s HOT out here in HELL otherwise known as Arizona, this time of year. Lately in my ahhhemm “seasoned years” I just park the bike and Seadoo all summer. But with the 426 it’s just too much fun to ride and I try to learn to ride it better as I practice on it. Things like riding it up a gear, like a tractor when it’s muddy and trying not to pull in the clutch and use the killer engine braking to my advantage. Got up at 3:45AM to make the hr + trek to SpeedWorld which has summer practice from 6 to 11am. I loaded the bike in the dark and there was no freaken breeze, it was HUMID and I was already HOT!!

Arrived at the facility and was greeted to a freshly disked and watered track, all of a sudden my heart is racing and I can’t wait to get on the track. What HEAT? It’s funny, been doing this for soooooo long, but I still get excited every time I arrive at a Motocross track. God I luv this sport! After the first ride I came into the pits and could not believe how HOT I was. I could not get my gear off fast enough and pour water over my head. And this after only a 20 min. moto! What came to mind was that fateful day at Carlsbad when the USGP was run in 100 deg heat and they ran TWO 45 min Motos! That’s when men were men, no whining or excuses allowed. Armpump was not even “invented” yet.

My buddy and arch rival Mark Anderson blurted out “who’s stupid idea was this!!!!” I slumped down in my lawn chair pouring MORE water over my head, pretending not to hear him. Hehehe

The track was perfect and there were some changes made that kept things interesting. Got in a total of three hard motos enough to wear the skin off both my thumbs, and my back is now sore. (But it’s a good sore.) Guess it’s been to long since my last ride. Need to keep at it and be ready for Washougal!!! Yahooooo!


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