weight savings on a YZ specced WR ?

Has anybody taken off all the off-road spec items from their WR and then re-weighed it?

I currently ride an '08 YZ450 , i have performed a couple of select mods and got the suspension re-valved and re-sprung to work very well for me --- in short , it is almost my dream bike - except -- no E-button. I am short and my springs are stiffer than an F250's -- kickstarting it is a bear without a milk crate. I have installed a Rekluse clutch and this usually keeps the bike running in the few times i have dropped it though

The pic of the soon to be released WR 450 has my heart aflutter because all descriptions say it has good suspension to work with -- plus EFI and E-start -- but all those changes and its still 5 lbs heavier :busted:

Since the Jap big 4 refuse to e start any of their porky 450's, and the KTM SX is still carbureated -- it got me wondering how big a difference there would be if the exhaust, lights, odo drive, 18" wheel/tire, battery (unless EFI needs it) and anything else were swapped out

I know this has been pondered by others before, but i have never seen any weight savings published --- in theory if you returned the bike to YZ spec, wouldnt it weigh close to a YZ plus the E start? Or are there other , hidden parts on a WR that are pretty heavy compared to its MX brother?

My suspension tuner can fix anything, and since i am heavier than average, it would have to be done regardless --- and i am not afraid of a cam swap if that would be needed to pump up the motor a bit

Or maybe i should not mess with it and wait for KTM to EFI their SX model , it would be cheaper in the long run -----problem is, i like Yamaha

I just did that. I somehow broke our scale when I rolled the bike on it. I took everything off except battery. Odo, kickstand, everything possible. YZF rear fender front plate. My guess was about 12-15lbs. However, after the initial noticing it being a little lighter, it still handled the same. I also missed the kickstand and the odo, put them back on. It was still a brute while racing but pretty awesome trail riding and doing some Dual Sport exploringI ended up just buying a YZ250 2 stroke and dedicating it for racing and using the WR for what I bought it for. That is a good Multi purpose trail bike that has a plate..

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