Interchangeable parts sorry please read

I sorry for adding this thread to the thousands who have asked before me but I am getting conflicting stories about which parts are interchangeable.

And sorry being the 10,000 person to ask, I did a lot of searching first.

So all I want is the rear fender from yz450 (no tail light) I'm buying a new kit scratch free for sale.

Its a 2005 WR 450 that I own.

If been told to look for a sticky thread that covers all interchangeable parts.

So if any ones can help me I'd be very great full.

I've also found a 2005 yzf airbox to go the wrf 2005 if anyone can tell me why this won't work please speak up before I waste my money thanks guys

If the 2005 yzf parts go strait onto the wrf 450 2005. I'll buy the kit and Change the WR air box for the YZF air box if that's how it will work.

Thanks for any help

Ps: If any one needs replacement plastics I have a few scratched ones to anyone that wants to pay shipping. (free of course)

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What year YZF stuff are you getting?

For your 05 WR, plastic goes like this, and someone correct if I'm wrong:

Rear fender: steel frame, aluminum sub framed YZ (03-05) with minor trimming

Front fender: I think within reason any fit

Side panels: some debate, but been told 03-06 YZ fits with easy minor trimming already marked on most plastics.

Rad shrouds: 05-06 WR are direct 03-05 YZ fit. The 03-04 WR are different, however.

Skip the airbox, just remove the areas marked on your factory one which gives a YZ size airbox and you'll be fine. Search for that, it's in here or someone else will give better instructions. Remember to jet accordingly.


+1 as above. As far as I know all you need to do is cutout the few holes for the radiator overflow tank, and it'll bolt up as usual. I got myself the Acerbis one, identical to the YZ one in looks but its a direct fit for the WR with holes already cut :busted:

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