2005 yz 450 fork upgrade help.

Ok after some research I have decided to upgrade my forks with the 2006 sss forks. I am sure I will need the fore and tripple clamps to start. I am using this bike 2005 Yz 450f for Supermoto so I am running 17" wheels with Yamaha hubs. Will I need any other parts for this upgrade? Spacers, axel stem?? If I am also running a 320mm front rotor. With a bracket that uses the stock caliper. Please let me know if you have done this mod. I just don't want to take apart my front end until I am ready for swap. Thanks in advance.


The '06 clamps are centered 2mm wider than the '05, but both bikes use the same axles and wheel spacers. The millimeter per side difference is made up in the axle lugs of the '06 fork so that the old wheel stuff all fits. If you use the '05 clamps instead, you need to trim the brake side wheel spacer by 1mm, or shim the caliper inboard by that amount and recenter the wheel. Much wiser to use the right clamps and bypass those problems, since they bolt right on.

Thanks grayracer!

Few more question.

Will the offset remain the same with the 06 triple clamps?

And I am looking for a reduced offset tripple clamp and all that I have found is for 06 or newer. Is it right to assume that If I am changing forks then an aftermarket 06 triple will bolt right up?

Why change forks? The 2005 450 has closed cartridge forks the last year of the " old style" was 04. There are slight internal differences from year to year on all the forks but with correct valveing they all work well for Supermoto .

Yes, the offset remains the same. YZF's from '98 through '09 were all 25mm.

The '06 fork was a very significant upgrade over the '05 in spite of the design similarities. The work needed to bring an '05 up to par with a stock '06 will cost nearly as much as a later set of forks.

There are a few reasons I want to go with the 06 forks.

#1 Options. With the 06 forks I have the possibility of installing ohlinsusa cartridge kits. Which I know may seem a little overboard but I live in Hendersonville with ohlins usa. I know all of the guys that work at ohllns very well and I have ohlins on all my bikes ,and ohlins tunes all my bikes. Ohlins has tons of data using the ttx stuff and once setup my bikes do no wrong.

#2 Offset. The factory offset on my bike is at 25mm. Ok for the 21" with knobbies but not so much with the 17" roadrace slicks that are currently on the bike. Not many options for offset triple clamp with the 05 fork .but the 06-09 forks have lots of aftermarket triples with different offsets. I can't just throw a set of 06 triples on 05 forks without modification of wheel spacers and possibly caliper brackets but 06-09 forks will be bolt on.

#3 Dirt conversion. If I build a front end for Supermoto with different offsets and everything else it would be nice to build my stock forks for moto cross with the dirt setup for the winter. It will be great cross training.

#4 Bike upgrade. If I want an aluminum frame bike next winter I can buy a 06-09 and use the front end to convert to Supermoto and return my 05 to stock for resale. I can swap forks triples wheels and brakes and it would be ready for Supermoto racing.

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