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01 honda cr125r lacking mid range pickup

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From what i have been reading this is a jetting problem.

Carb has been thouroughly cleaned and i replaced the fuel and got some premium gas and motul 800 mixed at 1:40.

MY QUESTION: How the heck do i choose what other jet needle to buy? there is 13 different ones to choose from.

Basically she idles really nicely and she will rev up good in neutral or with the clutch in but when putting around, it bogs when you gas it.

Im not really positive on whether its lean or rich, the spark plug has some but not alot of carbon buildup( im planning on replacing it and compression testing when i get a chance). Also i just ordered a main jet one size richer and one size smaller than the 380 thats in her now( i probably didnt need to since main jets are only 3/4 - F throttle) also i ordered muffler springs ( just got the bike, it didn't have them) ive heard that not having those springs can make your bike run lean.

Somebody school me on jet needles, PLEASE.

Also I live in the florida panhandle so if anyone has a similar setup around this climate, HELP ME OUT!!!

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