New HyperMotard 1100s

Dude this hing is so freaking fun!!!

It needs HID's and maybe somthing to delet the blinkers and relocate the license plate but then all done!!!:busted:






Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin :busted:

Beautiful machine :busted:

that is a beautiful bike you got there

You've already got the vented clutch cover and a sweet pipe, so it's pretty much set. Those are ALOT of fun. Nice!

i can only imagine the fun i'd have on a machine like that!

I don't have an "S" mines an "EVO" though and Hypers are the most fun you can have on the street without burning pre-mix!! It's undergone quite a transformation this winter too. I gutted the mufflers and made them a perforated core through flow like dirt bike silencers, Got rid of mid pipe ehxaust flapper valve and control servo, put on A Leo Vince cat eliminator, Swapped the 4.5 lb fly wheel for a 2lb fly wheel, lightened clutch pressure plate and Carbon open cover, Scrapped the airbox in favor of velocity stacks and pod filters, And installed a Power Commander V with auto tune and a Lcd200 screen for extra gauges and motor monitoring. Still got way too much snow on the ground to see how it'll do but man does it sound mean sitting on the bikelift in the garage.







I soooooo Can't wait for summer!!!

That thing pretty fast?

Thats my dream bike. Ever since I saw it on "Yes Man". lol

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