KTM 520 vs 426 question

Is it halloween already????

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I'm sure the KTM is a nice bike and since I haven't ridden one don't really have a bad impression of them except for one thing. I just can't bring myself to ride a bike with a front fender shaped like a giant penis!!!


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Im laughing so hard right now!! The picture of the Ford with a Katoom is just RAD!!!!! You guys are too much!! How about the 49ers license plate frame??

Capt. KTM, Did you know that 426's come with titanium subframes? And your choice of colored Excels?

Is that right?

I'll have to call your bluff on that one .......I do know they come with excel rims but that doesnt make the bike go faster!

and as far as the colour goes..........thats why mine is all black.

Pardon me ...Is that one those new fancy wheelchairs on the back of that ford. Just kidd'n...great looking bike.

This is a riot! Hey that rack is cool and so is the truck! I was wondering if those racks were any good. I will have to weld a class 2 on my Mustang! :)

<marquee> :D Ease up on those verticle marquees guys!!!! :D<marquee>

was that Tim Ferry on a YZ426F winning the second moto this weekend?

gosh, you sure don't see any KTM rfs's winning motos do you!

hey, what happened to ktm wonderboy Shane King? hmmm? did the Americans whip him so badly that he had to leave our racing series?

was he that intimidated by the 5 foot tall Garden Gnome from Florida?

watts, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's about to get whipped in the GNCC now that the yellow boys are off that excuse of a bike the drzzzzzzzzzzz (sound of the rider falling asleep on it).


Nice setup, I'd suggest leaving the bike on all the time just to hide the fact your a niners fan.

How many holeshots has Dowd gotten this year? How thumpers have gotten holeshots this year. I ride a 01 426 and it is great to see thumpers up front..blue or orange! They RIP!

Don't forget that KTM doesn't have a true heavy hitter to ride the 520. I am a huge Dowd fan, but will he win any/many races...probably not, but he was riding the wheels off that 520 at Southwich! It's all good!

I'd sure hate to see that pumpkin in disguise after a rear-ender...

And a Niner fan to top it off...what next, you gonna tell us that you're in favor of the red-sticker program?!?!

Couldn't resist once I caught the Niner license plate frame! :)


Is it the guy with the Ford who's picture has stretched the message board so we all have to scroll now to see messages...

Typical Ford driver taking up my half of the middle.

Go figure!


Just a few rebuttals that I would like to make.

It was stated that you never see a YZF make a holeshot. But at the world MX at Broadford Australia this year Andrew McFarlean holeshotted the feild and was second through the first corner. There was a 426 in front of him though!

Leave the Fords alone. People only bag Fords and KTM's because they are soooo fast. Sorta like penis envy?

And the capacity one. They are only 510cc, only 84cc bigger than the yammy.

The YZF is the best bike I have ever ridden. I haven't ridden the 520 yet, arrives this weekend. I think my best bike idea will change!!

iv never road a ktm but what are the big diffreces in handeling and the matenince,do they brake alot? Manly im talking about the 400sx. If the 520sx can just about beat the yz426, is the yz426 faster then the 400sx?

Captain, I have a question for you, If the KTM is such a great bike the why did they need 100 more cc's to compete with the Yamaha? Well then again as far as SX goes they cant compete because of the displacement. And I only have one 426 in my garage because thats all I need. I too have ridden the 520, all I could think of was $7200 worth of BOREDOM!!! My opinion, not that it means much was, the suspension sucked, the power was very late coming on, the handling sucked, the front brakes were like squeezing a sponge, the front end was very unstable, oh yeah and electric start buttons are for street bikes. As far as the clutch cable goes, you cant tell me you havent changed your stock line to a steel braided one.

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what one of these bikes are easier to ride. What would b more trail friendly. I dont wannt by another bike i wont b happy with so i wanna get the right one any thing would help.

I think KTM has come along way in the last 10 years. I personally have owned 4 of them, allbeit off-road bikes.

I don't think the KTM 4 strokes are going to be doing much in SX though, but I do think they make the best off-road bikes around.


WHY does everyone claim the front end of a KTM is so unstable??!! I have yet to have any handling problems compared with my '95 KX 250. I'd say my KTM is a VERY confidence inspiring bike. Riding my dad's 426, I'm glad I didn't get one of them - they seem to handle very sluggish. And I've out punched that 426 with my KTM out of tight turns easily. I don't know why people say they are boring, unresponsive and everything else. I can come out of a slow, tight turn or a fast sweeper and loft the front end with a simple twist easily. And run down that 426 equally as easy.


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WHO posted the SOUND file in the thread??? LOL....

"Whooptie freaking doo!"


'01 KTM 520 SX

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Hare Scramble Class B #523

I confess Chris Slade it was me LOL! It was from the movie Tommy Boy with Chris Farley and David Spade. I also have it on my website under the About Me section! LOL I just thought the phrase suited this thread just right! Im surprised it took this long for someone to realize it! LOL



I get my kicks on a 426!

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