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DS80 idle problem, please help!

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ok, so my dad got this little bike just for fun all in bits for $30, the guy had it in his shed for years and just wanted to sell it. So we started putting it together (everything was there), the top end was perfect, i took one of the rings off and put it in the cylinder and the gap between the ends of the ring was really small maybe half a mil. We checked the reeds and cleaned them, all fine. We put the top end on and a couple of other bits and pieces and dropped in the engine. Then we cleaned the tank and carb. put it together and sure enough it fired up straight away, turn the choke of and it dies. We ended up cleaning the carb a few more times, checking the jets and needle and seat ect, all good. Start it up again take the choke off and it dies. I took the bike for a ride and it runs really good apart from that it will not idle with the choke off.:busted:

this ones got me stumped any ideas? any ideas/help is appreciated

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